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The Multi Purpose Game Carrier features a flat braid with an oversized trigger snap, D-ring, and 6 welded rings for carrying your game. There is no rubber or plastic on this game carrier, which allows it to withstand the harshest of weather conditions in the field.

The oversized trigger snap on the Multi Purpose Game Carrier provides two options for use. 1) The oversized trigger snap can be attached to the D-ring to create a fixed loop for a handle or to simply attach around items in your environment to hang. 2) The oversized trigger snap is large enough to fit over the flat braid, allowing the carrier to adjust its size around items larger or smaller than the fixed loop formed with the D-ring.

One of our favorite features of the Multi Purpose Game Carrier is the ability to clip the welded rings to the oversized trigger snap and clip to the D-ring. This eliminates loose welded rings in your blind bag when not in use! SEE PICTURE BELOW!

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